Prep Life    

Infants I - Leaders Class

Infants II - Achievers Class

Kid's U Prep offers infants an ideal environment that stimulates their senses and is fun and safe.

Our state licensed teachers  provide a warm, loving and caring place for babies to grow & learn.  We hold our babies when feeding from bottles, place them on their tummies to help build their upper body strength and prepare them to crawl and walk.  We play music, sing, clap, use "regular" words to help them process language and build an extensive vocabulary which will assist students in a stronger educational foundation.  

Preschool - Scholars Class

Each day for our prekindergarten students is planned with a variety of hands on activities to encourage listening, socializing, and individualization. Students are taught language, math, science, colors and shapes and much more.  Our teacher's goal is to be sure students are ready for kindergarten emotionally, physically, socially, and behaviorally.  We develop a strong parent-teacher partnership to assist in this process.  Monthly projects, such as science fair projects  are assigned to each 3, 4, and 5 year old so that parents can help their child create a genuine love for learning.

Toddlers - Professors Class

Because we know that toddlers love to 

explore, our state licensed teachers provide a classroom  environment that helps toddlers explore skills like pushing, pulling, sorting, crawling and walking.  We use additional ways such as songs, center time, circle time, rhyming, and flash cards to assist our toddlers in the learning process.

Potty Learning (training) is our specialty! When parents and toddlers are ready for this stage, we are there to help!